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Creating a safe society by adding SONAE to everyday life Creating a safe society by adding SONAE to everyday life

+ SONAE Project

About  + SONAE Project

Proposing optimal solutions
with the perspective of disaster prevention,
from everyday life to business

+ SONAE Project is a comprehensive platform for developing consulting and content based on a database of information that is backed up by various disaster prevention manuals and research presentations in Japan and overseas.

As needed, we provide various schemes of reliable SONAE by often linking services individually; such as information service support for local governments and companies, communication design from the viewpoint of CSR/CSV, and management support in preparation for climate change.

Disasters always occur
when you forget them!

Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995, Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, Kumamoto Earthquake in 2016, and other large-scale earthquakes occurring repeatedly, furthermore, sediment and flood damage caused by the largest rainfall in recorded history.
Somewhere in Japan, disaster damage occurs every year, and there are people living with the pain of the disaster.

There will be more than a few predicted disasters such as Nankai Trough great earthquake and eruption of Mount Fuji.
It is essential for all people and organizations to have a perspective that enables them to be prepared for safe society on their own.
Why not add "SONAE" to your everyday life and services?

March 2011Great East Japan Earthquake
April 2016Kumamoto Earthquake
July 2017Northern Kyushu Heavy Rain
June 2018Hokkaido Northern Iburi Earthquake
July 2018Heavy Rain in Western Japan
September 2019Typhoon 19.

Potential for innovation to expand with
the perspective of disaster prevention.
We support all kinds of actions.

No person or organization can be immune from disasters.
For every company and industry, local governments, schools, hospitals, and various local public institutions to have a "disaster prevention perspective," we can create something new in our existing products and services.

For example, product development from the perspective of "preparing for emergencies" and PR/marketing to spread "peace of mind".
Disaster prevention contents plan regardless of format such as pamphlet, video, web, game, event.
Strengthen the ability to disseminate disaster prevention information as a responsibility to protect local communities and infrastructure.

The concept of "disaster prevention" can be added to any activity without difficulty, so that you can have peace of mind in an emergency. There are many possibilities for SONAE.


Services we provide

Communication planning
on disaster prevention
SONAE Communication

We support a variety of communications related to disaster prevention with customers and citizens, including the creation of experiential opportunities such as content development, sales floors and educational events, from planning to production and operation.
It is possible to develop flexibly such as inducing to own services using disaster prevention as an entrance.

Providing optimal disaster
prevention information in real time
City Watch

City Watch is a disaster prevention service that encourages people to take appropriate action in the event of a disaster.
Not only outdoor digital signage, but also commercial facilities and condominiums will be offered on a fixed price basis.

Application for building brand new
disaster prevention infrastructure

Even when Wi-fi communication is lost during a disaster, mobile phones connect to each other and exchange various disaster information.
This is a disaster prevention application of area network type aiming at the future of normal disaster prevention contents.

Regional risk assessment
+ Action suggestions
SONAE Research

This is an original service that includes disaster risk assessment with addresses, disaster damage prediction by evaluating data such as normal hazard maps and area faults, as well as suggestions on "What to do then?!" actions.

Scenario analysis from the viewpoint
of disaster prevention and support
for improvement measure of it
SONAE Consulting

The risk assessment of companies required for BCP, ESG, and TCFD is extracted from accumulated knowledge on disaster prevention, and concrete improvement measures are presented.
We provide consulting services to support corporate sustainability from the perspective of disaster countermeasures, including climate change.

Overseas support using disaster
prevention software content
SONAE International

The disaster prevention information content of the + SONAE Project can be expanded overseas.
We will contribute to disaster prevention and mitigation throughout the world by providing easy-to-understand content that meets the needs, regional characteristics, and culture of each country.

Examples of SONAE products and services

The disaster prevention information scheme through the + SONAE Project supports various forms of consulting and implementation to meet customer needs. Examples include development of printed, web, and video content, disaster prevention information application, educational events, and information infrastructure for disaster prevention oriented community planning.
Overseas expansion is also possible.
SONAE's peace of mind extends throughout the world.


Survey and development of disaster prevention information pamphlets distributed by local governments to citizens


Survey, development and operation of disaster prevention awareness website


Planning and management of disaster prevention awareness events

Emergency supplies

Creating a sales counter for emergency supplies